Ph.D in Metabolomics

Ph.D. Thesis Title: The Investigation, Development and Application of Dried Blood Spots Applying Non-Targeted Metabolomics Methods

Working under the supervision of Prof. Warwick Dunn and Prof. Helen Cooper, my post graduate studies surrounded exploring the potential use that dried blood spots have in the field of non-targeted metabolomics.

Mainly applying liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, areas researched included identifying how stable dried blood spots are at multiple storage temperatures, developing a surface analysis method of analysis as well as a applying an already established protein measurement method to novelly normalising dried blood spots based on blood volume collected. Finally, a study was conducted in collaboration with Georg Lietz at the University of Newcastle investigating the effects of excess Vitamin A on young children, applying Dried Plasma and Serum spot collection techniques to monitor the metabolomics effect.

M.Chem. Chemistry with Analytical Science

Masters thesis: Rapid Analysis of Volatile Fatty Acids in Cheese using a newly developed Volatile Interface for a Compact Mass Spectrometer

Working in collaboration with Advion, the main objection of the thesis was to develop and test a new volatile interface to be used in conjunction with Advion’s compact mass spectrometer.

The volatile interface is now sold as a commercial product by Advion and with multiple publications applying the source.