Using Watcht and Trakt to Keep Track of Show and Film Progress

Keeping track of show and film progress has consistently been on my list for things to track and recently I have found a combination of apps and services which let me track shows and films with ease. In the post I will explain these apps and how they integrate with each other to allow me track media with ease.


The main service, which acts as the data repository is Trakt, a popular service which has an open API which many external third part apps can use to integrate Trakt’s vast media database into their own apps. Trakt allows users to track many aspects of media from collections to watch history.

A big aspect of Trakt which I love is the ability to view your year in review, whilst I have only been using the service for a few months I am yet to experience the full benefit of having tracked all of my media for a year, it is still satisfying to see trends in the data such as hours watched and popular actors and directors in the shows watched.

One of the major aspects of Trakt that allows me to track media easily is through its ability to allow services such as Plex to automatically send information to Trakt as the show is being watched. This allows me to track shows without the need for any intervention at all. For services where automation isn’t possible, there is Watcht.


The app which I use to push data to Trakt is Watcht. Whilst there are many apps out there which can use Trakt’s API, only Watcht has been capable of functioning how I want a media tracker to. With a wide array of customisation options and the ability to quickly mark shows as either watched or ‘check in’ shows that I am currently watching, I am easily able to track shows and films.

Within the app their are five main tabs. Explore, monitor popular films and tv shows as well as look at upcoming releases. Calender, keep track of shows that you are currently watching and see when the next episodes are being released. Also, films that have been marked as being on your watchlist appear here alongside their release date. Dashboard, the main launch screen tab, shows recently watched shows and displays the next episode. This offers a clear and easy way to ‘check-in’ the next episode or mark an episode as watched. This is really useful when wanting to quickly mark an episode as watched without having to search, especially when you are binge-watching a series. The fourth tab Watchlist is as the title says displays titles which have been marked to be watched at a later date. The final tab Profile displays a range of information from show progress, a summary of stats and the range of ratings that have been awarded to titles.

By far this app has allowed me to track shows easily and quickly when automation does’t allow me to such as watching shows through streaming services or Live TV.

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